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This monthly Tracker is produced by UNESCO's Cultural Policies and Development entity to monitor the role of culture in public policy with regards to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. It highlights developments within national and regional contexts, as well as emerging debates on culture's contribution to sustainable development. Drawing on a variety of sources, it provides a broad overview of cultural policy trends worldwide at the national, regional and international level and looks at ways in which countries integrate culture into other policy areas.
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The Tracker Culture & Public Policy | MONDIACULT Special Issue n°4

Read the fourth part of a special series counting down to MONDIACULT 2022 on Culture and Education.

Countdown to MONDIACULT | Special Issue n°3

Read the third part of a special series counting down to MONDIACULT 2022.

Countdown to MONDIACULT | Special Issue n°2

Read the second part of a special series counting down to MONDIACULT 2022.

Countdown to MONDIACULT | Special Issue n°1

Read the first part of a special series counting down to MONDIACULT 2022.

Issue 18 | Focus on Culture and Gender Equality

This issue explores the dynamics of gender equality in the cultural sector.

Issue 17 | Focus on Small Islands and Developing States

This issue explores the manifold ways in which SIDS testify to resiliency and adaptation capacities.

Issue 16 | Focus on Cultural Diplomacy

This issue examines the increasing prominence of cultural diplomacy in international relations.

Issue 15 | Focus on Culture and Indigenous people

This issue explores advances in the contribution of Indigenous Peoples to sustainable development.

Issue 14 | Focus on Culture and Sustainable Development

This issue traces the history of culture and sustainable development discourse.

Issue 13 | Focus on Culture and Cities

Cities are a privileged ground for the exercise and recognition of cultural diversity. See how in this issue.

Issue 12 | Focus on Culture and Social Cohesion

Cultural practices, sites and expression convey values and skills, conducive to social inclusion.

Issue 11 | Focus on Cultural Diversity

This issue offers insights as to how to harness this diversity for more resilient societies.

Issue 10 | Focus on Culture and Youth

Culture provides multiple responses to the challenges young people face today. Learn more in this issue.

Issue 9 | Focus on Culture and Education

Both mutually beneficial, culture and education are critical pillars for human development.

Special Issue | A Year into COVID-19

This issue addresses the impact of COVID-19 on the cultural sector.

Issue 7 | Focus on Culture and Peacebuilding

Culture is a powerful force that bridges differences, underpinning social cohesion, peace and security.

Issue 6 | Focus on Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the global tourism sector.

Issue 5 | Focus on Culture and the Creative Economy

This issue marks the launch of the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

Issue 4 | Focus on Culture and Climate Change

The entire cultural sector represent an untapped wellspring of potential to enhance global action.

Issue 3 | Focus on Culture and the Future of Work

What solutions can culture bring to the world of work? Several answers are presented in this issue.

Issue 2 | Focus on Culture and Digital Technologies

This issue focuses on the impact of the new technologies across all areas of cultural policy.

Issue 1 | Focus on Culture and Multilateralism

This issue explores the recent developments that have instigated a renewed dynamism in cultural policies.