The Tracker Culture & Public Policy | Issue 16

This monthly Tracker is produced by UNESCO to monitor culture in public policy with regards to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. It highlights developments within national and regional contexts, as well as emerging debates on culture's contribution to sustainable development. Drawing on a variety of sources, it provides a broad overview of cultural policy trends worldwide at the national, regional and international level and looks at ways in which countries integrate culture into other policy areas.


Regional consultations continued with the Asia and Pacific region bringing together Ministers of Culture and civil society actors. The UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development - MONDIACULT 2022 will be hosted from 28 to 30 September 2022 by the Government of Mexico. The consultation for Africa is currently taking place and Latin America and the Caribbean and the Arab States’ consultations are to held in the coming weeks.

Cutting Edge examines the increasing prominence of cultural diplomacy in international relations and the shift to more mutually-beneficial cooperative models. Culture has a unique power for building trust and opening conduits for dialogue. Furthermore, cultural diplomacy helps enhance a country's national and local cultural assets with multiple benefits.

Cultural Policy Highlights contains the latest cultural policy innovations from around the world, whilst the Regional Perspectives section includes updates on regional processes.

Culture in the 2030 Agenda highlights the cultural diplomacy initiatives of Member States presented in their Voluntary National Reviews, from collaboration to combat the illicit trafficking of cultural property to supporting cultural and creative industries, from aid for the reconstruction of cultural heritage to artist exchange programmes.