Press release

Training workshop for members of the National Mechanism for Monitoring Safety of Journalists in Palestine

UNESCO’s National Office for Palestine, in cooperation with the Office of the Higher Commission of Human Rights and the Independent Commission of Human Rights held a one-day training workshop for the members of the National Mechanism for Monitoring Safety of Journalists in Palestine..  The objective of the event was to reinforce the existing mechanism, collecting effective contributions related to the issue of monitoring and reporting violations against journalists.
The goal of this mechanism is to strengthen the monitoring and reporting on safety of journalists, including reporting on killings of journalists and their judicial follow-up. The mechanism also aims to support Palestine’s reporting on the safety of journalists within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular SDG indicator 16.10.1. As a multi-stakeholder initiative, it brings together representatives of government, civil society, and media syndicates.
UNESCO acknowledges that in the Palestinian context, safety is clearly one of the major challenges facing journalists and media workers
Lina Benete, Officer-in-Charge of the UNESCO National Office for Palestine
We value the role, which this mechanism is playing in collecting the efforts and ensuring that through UNESCO’s Director General’s report, the cases are registered, shedding light on human rights and the rule of law
Musa Abu Dheim, Independent Commission of Human Rights

OHCHR presented the UN Human Rights mechanisms with a focus on the right to freedom of opinion and expression and safety of journalists, while ICHR went through the international guidelines for monitoring and documenting violations of freedom of expression, including the killings of journalists. 

UNESCO presented the methodology of reporting on journalists’ safety, the issue of ending impunity, focusing on the set-up of the mechanism and the roles of the partners.  It further highlighted the Organization’s readiness to provide further assistance towards the strengthening of the mechanism, including through capacity building and the sharing of good practices.

During the workshop, Head of Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate Nasser Abu Baker, intervened on the importance of the mechanism and the Syndicate’s support to the mechanism being an important body to tackle the issue of ending impunity, he further urged UNESCO to use the presented reports and take it to a higher level or intervention.”

Representatives from civil society and human rights organizations, as well as from the Government raised valid questions and enriched the discussion with suggestions and recommendations to be considered, especially considering Institutionalizing the mechanism and ensuring the information provided is used by the international bodies.

The activity is part of a global project titled ‘Strengthening National Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms for Safety of Journalists and Issue of Impunity’, funded by the Multi-Donor Programme on Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists (MDP)