TV debate on "Coronavirus: Stay Home vs. Get Out”

As pandemic policies in many countries shift from lockdown to managed deconfinement, the question “Should we stay in or go out?” is on everyone’s lips.

The debate both assesses the national choices made over the past months, and reflects on the character of societies that need to learn to live with the new coronavirus. Sharp divisions are visible in public debate, both about facts – how contagious and how deadly is this disease? –  and about values – how should we weigh health against other values, such as freedom and economic prosperity?

In order to stage the debate and better understand these issues, la Ciudad de las Ideas, in partnership with UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme and the consulting company OpenExO, brought together 10 specialists, commentators and thinkers, with clearly differentiated positions, for two hours of television debate. Moderated by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Andrés Roemer, the debate was first broadcast on Mexican television on 16 and 17 May and is now open for online viewing.

With the participation of Yanner Bar-Yam, Isabel Behncke, Larry Brilliant, Julio Frenk, Peter Hitchens, José Luis Mateos, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Tomas Pueyo, Knut Wittkowski and Leah Zaidi.


La Ciudad de las Ideas (CDI) is an international festival created by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Andrés Roemer to empower citizens and present innovative ideas in science, technology, art, design, politics, education, culture, business, entertainment and other areas of knowledge.