UNESCO and UNODC launch publication in Portuguese and discuss the strengthening the rule of law through education

The rule of law is fundamental in all aspects of society, in establishing relationships of mutual responsibility, reliability and building public trust.

A multi-stakeholder approach to their promotion is crucial for the protection, participation, security, dignity and human rights of all people. Education plays a key role in creating a safe, inclusive and peaceful environment for young people, enabling them to build a better future and contribute to positive and sustainable development through the transformative sharing of knowledge, values and skills.

The event is a joint activity carried out by UNESCO and UNODC to celebrate the launch of the Portuguese version of the publication Empowering students for just societies: a handbook for primary school teachers. The session is directed to educational professionals (especially teachers) to learn about the possibilities of applying the material in their pedagogical practices. In addition, representatives of the United Nations, government authorities, education professionals and other policymakers from the education and justice sectors will reflect on the challenges, trends and opportunities to integrate the rule of law principles on basic or primary education.