UNESCO Donate Personal Protective Equipment for Museums and World Heritage sites

UNESCO Addis Ababa Liaison Office in collaboration with the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH), offer personal protective equipment (PPE) and signage to be distributed to nine Ethiopia World Heritage sites and twenty-two government and private museums to support reopening of these cultural institutions affected by COVID pandemic.
On the occasion of the hand-over at the Ministry of Tourism, UNESCO Director to AUC and ECA and Representative to Ethiopia, Dr Yumiko Yokozeki, expressed the long-standing cooperation between UNESCO and the Government of Ethiopia in the field of cultural and natural heritage protection through international solidarity. The Director stressed that we are all partners in this vast undertaking, which consists preserving and inspiring our heritage properties - the diversity that we all, together, cherish.
H.E. Ambassador Nassise Chali, Minister of Ethiopian Ministry of Tourism, thanked UNESCO and underlined that cultural and natural heritages must be protected as a common good to be passed on to future generations. “Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity – its cultural and natural wealth is immense,” said the Minister.  “We must make the most out of this wonderful potential, with the right skills and stronger capacities, we can harness the potential of heritage to create millions of decent jobs, giving also a sense of dignity, inclusion and pride’’.
UNESCO Addis Ababa Director and the Minister extended their appreciation and thanks to ALPH, for providing the fund amounted to 13,700 USD for PPEs (including reusable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, liquid hand soap, and signage having educational message). Based in Geneva, ALIPH is a non-profit foundation with the status of an international organization that offers support to projects that protect and rehabilitate cultural heritage threatened or damaged by conflict.
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