UNESCO Feature in Sudanese TV Channel News


On the 25 May 2017, the Science Officer at UNESCO Khartoum Office, Mr. Abdelgadir Salih attended a TV talk at S24 Channel Studio in Khartoum. The TV interview was a part of S24 TV channel coverage of the workshop organized by UNESCO to Promote International Geosciences and Geoparks Programme (IGGP) in Sudan.


The TV talk started with clarification of the meaning of geoparks, where Mr. Abdelgadir Salih, explained that geoparks are places with outstanding geological / geographical value united in UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, thus a nomination of some place as a geopark requires to follow certain procedures ensuring standards of a national management of geoparks. He informed that recently there is only one recognized geopark in the Arab and African region, which is located in Morocco. The UNESCO Khartoum Sciences Officer also stated that the creation of geoparks usually boosts tourism around the selected location, thus the progress with Sudanese geoparks is a good contribution not just to safeguarding valuable natural sites, but also to the Sudanese tourism development – stimulating additional earnings in nearby communities.