UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund supports Museum in Palu and Weavers in Lombok


Two major disaster events in Lombok in August and Palu in September 2018 have tested cur-rent disaster risk governance in Indonesia. Thousands of people were killed and displaced as a result of these disasters. Additionally, a series of earthquakes in September 2018 have affected cultural infrastructures and heritage traditions.  


In Lombok, UNESCO supported the recovery of traditional weaving in Bayan from Northern District and Pringgasela from Eastern District in partnership with local authorities and RedR Indonesia.  Damaged looms were replaced and a series of capacity-building for new product development was conducted. Marketing and digital documentation of traditional weaving motifs were conducted until September 2019 for the weavers’ community to build back on a stronger foundation.

In Palu, UNESCO supported the salvaging and restoration of ceramic collections of the Muse-um of Central Sulawasi in collaboration with the Prince Clause Funds and a Japanese NGO, Tokyo Research and Restoration Center. The major earthquakes in September 2018 damaged more than 50% of the 17th century ceramic collection, the existence of which was however not widely known among the experts of South-East Asian ceramic.  


Between January and April 2019, all the debris were collected, segregated and documented, and the restoration works are on-going.