A UNESCO invitation: Take a virtual tour of the first media and information literate city

The first model of the MIL City 3D Virtual Map is available online today in celebration of the launching of Global MIL Week 2018. Here is your invitation to the First MIL City!

Global MIL Week 2018 highlights that smart, sustainable cities must also be media and information literate cities (MIL Cities). MIL Cities put people at their heart, enabling them to make better use of the practical possibilities that a connected city can provide.

MIL Cities empower residents to engage more creatively, critically and effectively in the space of the human settlement in which they live. In connection with this year’s visual concept of Global MIL Week - the map of the first virtual MIL City - UNESCO and partners created a 3D virtual tour of a model MIL city.

Immerse yourself and experience life in a model media and information literacy city. The tour guides you through the city hall, library, museum, school, and many other aspects of city life while integrating the basic idea of being media and information literate in communities and modern cities. This virtual experience also demonstrates how stakeholders can work together to create real MIL Cities around the world.

To tackle the challenges that digitalization has presented to us, we need innovative approaches and opportunities by taking advantage of digitalization while also being able to respond critically.

This soft launch of the MIL City virtual tour is a start of an educational tool for especially youth to learn about Media and Information Literacy in fun and interactive approach. It also intends to start to build the future MIL Cities in our minds, and then in our realities.

The MIL City virtual tour is collaborative work of UNESCO and Tongpao Studio, supported by UNESCO Youth Spaces Initiative.

UNESCO invites your new and creative ideas to foster MIL Cities. Send your comments to Alton Grizzle, and Xiaotong Wang,