UNESCO Iraq is implementing the biggest portfolio in UNESCO

With over USD 130 million of funding and an expanding portfolio that is expected to grow into the future, it is anticipated that procurement and contracting will be key in the delivery of our mandate to support the Government and the people of Iraq.

Therefore, the workshop on procurement and contracting that was delivered to UNESCO Iraq to help facilitate the procurement process in Iraq, review the possibilities of a fast-track procurement process, engage the staff about the particular procurement realities in the country, and gain a better understanding of the UN procurement landscape in order to propose a better UN collaboration.

The outcome of this training is expected to feed into a global UNESCO reflection about the way it currently does procurement. UNESCO Iraq could be a harbinger for a fast track, risk-based procurement and contracting framework that will enable UNESCO, not only to improve procurement in other field offices but to demonstrate how central services should make more efforts to learn more from field operations.