UNESCO, the Ministry of Education of the Kurdistan Region and the European Union continue to reach out to students at home for learning never stops

The recent support to the Ministry of Education of KRI under the “Access to Inclusive Quality Primary and Secondary Education for IDPs, Returnees, Remainees and Refugees in Crises Affected Areas of Iraq” project included the upgrade and installation of servers in the Ministry with the aim to increase the capacity of the new online platform “Ewane”.

The online learning platform enables students of various educational stages (Basic, Preparatory, and Vocational) to catch up with their lessons in all subjects and is made available in Kurdish Sorani and Baden dialect, Arabic, English, Turkmen, and Syriac.

Due to the current school closure forced by the outbreak of COVID-19 about 1,783,000 students remain at home in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. UNESCO is supporting the regional government in their efforts to mitigate the immediate impact of school closures, particularly for more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and to facilitate the continuity of education for all through remote learning.
Mr. Paolo Fontani, UNESCO Representative in Iraq

The new online platform “Ewane” has been connected to the e-Parwarda system of the Ministry that allows functions such as tracking student’s accessibility to the learning platform, learning content, materials and support interaction of teachers with students.

According to the official data generated by the system, more than 500,000 students have logged in to the online platform. The provided support encourages students in KRG to continue learning, keep up with their lessons, improve access with better interaction. This project is made possible with the generous support of the European Union.

UNESCO will continue providing support to the educational sector in Iraq, including in the Kurdistan Region, by developing existing sources of education and exploring new modalities.