UNESCO mourns the death of Senegalese percussionist Doudou Ndiaye Rose

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, has expressed sorrow at the death of the renowned Senegalese percussionist Doudou Ndiaye Rose, designated a living human treasure in 2006.

“The death of Doudou Ndiaye is a great loss to music lovers, lovers of culture and of Africa everywhere,” said the Director-General. “Doudou Ndiaye was an exceptional master of the musical tradition he inherited. With his creative genius he kept that tradition alive, made it known and transmitted it to future generation. The legacy he shared and augmented will live on and we will always remember his name with joy and gratitude.”

Born in Senegal in 1930, Doudou Ndiaye transmitted his skills to members of his family, community and beyond throughout his long career, which saw him rise to become one of the most celebrated musicians of Africa.

Senegal named Ndiaye a living human treasure in line of a UNESCO programme established to raise awareness of, and promote, knowledge and mastery of cultural traditions and practices. UNESCO’s living human treasure initiative was a precursor of the Organization’s present intangible cultural heritage programme.