UNESCO organizes training for Yarmouk FM volunteers on sports reporting

Irbid, 14 February 2018 – To mark the 7th Annual World Radio Day, UNESCO Amman Office has organized a week-long sports reporting course for ten young radio staff and volunteers at Yarmouk FM. The theme of World Radio Day this year is ‘radio and sports’, and the focus of the training is on key elements of event coverage, writing, interviewing, broadcasting, social media, and working in mixed zones and at press conferences, as well as on increasing diversity in sports reporting.

“This training is an investment in these young people. We are transmitting skills such as how to write stories for radio, how to be punctual, how to cover events and find angles, as well as technical skills and editing soundbites,” said Mr. Rabbi Hamamsah, freelance news correspondent and one of the trainers at the course.

Unpacking gender stereotypes is also a part of the training supervised by Jordanian journalists Hamamsah and Khaled Qudah. “We discussed how the media deals with gender, and how they talk about women in particular. We talked about how they as journalists would cover a female sporting event, and how they would change the stereotypical images through their reporting. Some students felt that female journalists should cover female sports events only. We tried to break that stereotype, and we talked about how as journalists, it is their professional responsibility to cover all events regardless of gender,” added Rabbi.

“This training has allowed me to gain more diverse skills. Now I feel comfortable in conducting interviews around sports events. In university classes, we only gain theoretical skills, but this workshop has offered us lots of practice. This training is very useful for our future careers!” said Ms. Nebras Al Qaisi, a second year journalism student at Yarmouk University.

The produced stories and audio packages will be broadcast by Yarmouk FM after 25 February, in time for a World Radio Day celebration event that is being organized by UNESCO Amman Office and Yarmouk University.

“The training program has been designed with the theme of World Radio Day 2018 in mind. We believe sports is a great entry point for discussions around gender equality and diversity, and we are pleased to be once again working with Yarmouk FM, one of the oldest community radio stations in the Kingdom,” said Ms. Ikhlas al-Khawaldh, National Program Officer at UNESCO Amman Office.

The training course is supported by the EU funded projects “Networks of Mediterranean Youth project (NET-MED Youth)” and “Support to Media in Jordan (STMJO)”. As part of the Support to Media in Jordan project, Yarmouk FM has recently benefitted from a donation of brand-new studio equipment for the station. The donation is part of a larger 1.5 million euro project component supporting university faculties and local radio stations around Jordan with capacity development and equipment. For more information on both projects, please visit and