UNESCO received financial assistance from the Government of Flanders in support of Nepal’s earthquake response

The Government of Flanders has provided USD 25,000 to support UNESCO’s crisis response in the field of Culture and Education following the two massive earthquakes which struck Nepal on 25 April and 12 May 2015 and which had devastating impacts on the unique cultural heritage in the country. In particular, the World Heritage site of Kathmandu Valley suffered extensive and irreversible damage.

The fund will be utilized to support the most urgent needs in culture and education sectors identified under the Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA), conducted by the Government of Nepal. 

Emergency consolidation of damaged monuments will be carried out at some of the seven monument zones of the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage property, in particular in Swayambhu and Hanumandhoka and Patan Durbar Squares. 

The fund also provides technical assistance to strengthen the Education Management Information System (EMIS) of the Ministry of Education from the perspective of post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation. 

UNESCO stands ready to coordinate international assistance and provide technical support to Nepal’s recovery in culture and education sectors.