UNESCO signs landmark agreement for public-private partnership in Viet Nam

On 23 September 2020, SOVICO Group and UNESCO in Ha Noi signed an agreement to support a UNESCO-led initiative to mobilize youth engagement and cultural dynamics to support Ha Noi’s new designation as a new UNESCO Creative City for design. 
Ha Noi is my childhood. I often walked along the Ngo Quyen street, went to school on Ham Long street, drew the first paintings, learned to sing, learned to dance in the Children's Palace, learned household arts from my relatives living in the Old Quarter. These peaceful and simple childhood memories have followed me across the world throughout my business life. I have a long desire to contribute to the city, no matter how big or small.
Madame Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Chairwoman and CEO of SOVICO Group, ranked by Forbes Magazine as #5

These were the opening remarks of Madame Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, CEO of SOVICO Group and Viet Nam’s most successful businesswoman, at the signing ceremony marking the start of a Partnership between SOVICO Group and UNESCO in Ha Noi on 23 September 2020.   

This landmark agreement, which supports a UNESCO-led initiative to mobilize youth engagement and cultural dynamics to support Ha Noi’s new designation as a new UNESCO Creative City for design, is the first time since Viet Nam joined the United Nations in 1977 that a United Nations agency enters into a direct partnership with a Vietnamese corporation, opening up new possibilities with for SDG financing in the country.

UNESCO signs landmark agreement in Viet Nam to support Ha Noi Creative City

Allowing Madame Phuong Thao to give back to the city of her youth, under the partnership SOVICO Group will collaborate with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN Habitat to support Ha Noi's development as a UNESCO Creative City for design through the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage, revitalization of craft villages and support for young creative talent of Ha Noi. Guided by the values of sustainability and respect for local culture, the partnership supports Ha Noi’s City’s new vision as "Creative Capital", where development finds inspiration from its creative past and the energy of its youth. 

Using the Creative City Action Plan as a platform, we will work together reinvigorate the creative and cultural muscles of the city to stimulate creativity and innovation in the wider economy, from technology to tourism, and just as importantly, contribute to the sustainable development of the city and a better quality of life for its citizens. Together, let us demonstrate to other important industry peers what public private partnership can mean in 21st century Viet Nam, with all the possibilities and potential it represents.
Mr. Michael Croft, UNESCO Representative to Viet Nam
Ha Noi Museum

To supporting the country’s sustainable development, SOVICO Group and UNESCO also agree to collaborate towards future youth-oriented initiatives related to cultural and green city development, the promotion of artistic and design activities and the expansion of creative hubs to nurture creative talents to provide Viet Nam’s youth with more opportunities to better express their creativity and passion for a better future.