World Press Freedom Day

Project duration: 03-05-2019

Location: Jordan

Every year, May 3rd marks a day of celebration of the fundamental principles of press freedom and to evaluate press freedom around the world. UNESCO leads the worldwide celebration by identifying the global theme and organizing the main event in a different part of the world each year. In Jordan, the UNESCO Amman office has been organizing the annual World Press Freedom Day festivities in partnership with key media organizations.

At a time when we are mired in worry and uncertainty because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, free information is essential to helping us face, understand, think about and overcome this crisis. First, we must consider the vital importance of information in this situation: informing the public means giving everyone the means of combatting the illness by adopting appropriate practices
UNESCO Director-General
Audrey Azoulay UNESCO Director-General

In 2020, World Press Freedom Day built upon the insights of the 2019 theme, which sought to strengthen media’s contribution to fight against disinformation. Enhancing knowledge of current issues and efforts for change can help to keep journalism free and independent. This year's global theme, "Journalism without Fear or Favour", provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance of free and independent media in the lives of people and countries, especially in times of crisis.

The UNESCO Amman Office and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) launched the Arabic version of the “Journalism, 'Fake News' and Disinformation: A Handbook for Journalism Education and Training” publication, providing a powerful tool to media in the battle to confront disinformation. The publication draws on insights and advice from global experts and seeks to equip journalists to tackle the scourge of ‘information disorder’.

To mark the launch of the Arabic version of the handbook, UNESCO collaborated with Al Rai Media Training Centre and FNF MENA, to host an online training and a series of webinars. The first webinar took place over the Zoom platform on May 3rd 2020, during which experts examined national trends within disinformation surrounding COVID-19.

A Handbook for Journalism Education and Training