#YouthOfUNESCO: Welcome to the Cryptoworld!

Fiorella Torres, 25, from Peru, is the founder of ONHelp and participant of the UNESCO initiative Comprometidos in Latin America. She has found a way to use technology to help NGOs do their work – all with just one click! Read more about her community of digital volunteers that she has created. 

“I became passionate about cryptocurrencies, not only because they are a possible source of income, but because of my curiosity and my strong desire to learn and investigate the opportunities around them and to understand the dynamic of these financial structures. I studied economics, so it was natural for me to enjoy the cryptoworld and blockchain as new emerging technologies. As I’m passionate about our environment, I started thinking how can I create social impact through these technologies?”

©Fiorella Torres

“ONHelp’s main objective is to fund NGO projects with cryptocurrencies through a community of Digital Volunteers in order to achieve sustainable development goals. For instance, now, we are working on projects related to safe drinking water and building shelters with recycled bottles in Peru. We are funding trainings for children, youth and adults to build these shelters. With every donated 10,000 hours from us, a child can have access to safe drinking water.”

©Fiorella Torres

“Through ONHelp, we want to empower young people in poor communities by giving them classes in financial literacy and providing support in entrepreneurship. For this, we need to raise more awareness about our initiative: the bigger the community of Digital Volunteers, the wider the social impact. Anyone can become a Digital Volunteer, even outside of the continent – all you need is a laptop/phone/tablet and internet!”

In order to join Fiorella’s Digital Volunteers community, go the online platform of ONHelp and enter the cryptoworld!


UNESCO’s Youth Programme is working to engage youth in social innovation and entrepreneurship and the promotion of civic engagement all over the world.