Research project on good practices in tackling online violence of women journalists

Last update: 28 July 2022

UNESCO launched The Chilling, a global study conducted by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), on online violence against women journalists. The study, led by a consortium of researchers, is aimed at identifying good practices and developing recommendations for all stakeholders – from national authorities to social media platforms, newsrooms, and beyond.

The global survey results, pioneering discussion paper on the findings, and excerpts addressed at newsrooms and tech companies are available now.

The full forthcoming study includes country case studies, a global survey and big data analysis.

The study is a contribution to institutional knowledge in this area and will build the theoretical backbone of UNESCO’s work on online violence against women journalists, helping the Organization strengthen its effectiveness as a leading institution in fighting gender-based online violence.

In 2021, UNESCO also carried out a project on Gender Equality in the Film Industry in the Maghreb-Machrek bringing to light and documenting existing gender inequalities within the Arabic language film industry. It also surfaced female talents and catalyzed a support network to fight gender stereotypes in the film industry