Ensuring teaching and learning continues in Ukraine

Classroom in Ukraine
Last update: May 4, 2022

The war in Ukraine has forcibly displaced over 12 million people both inside the country and in neighbouring countries, including 4.6 million children. As of 25 April, a total of 1,499 education institutions have suffered bombing and shelling with 102 of them destroyed completely. 

Among those impacted by the war are 7.5 million children, 1.5 million youth, and over 70,000 international students who were learning in Ukraine prior to the war.. In response, UNESCO’s prime aim is to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning amid the crisis.  

UNESCO has mobilized internal and external resources to support the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science through the following three actions: 

  • Provision of computer hardware and equipment to support online teaching and learning.  
  • Development and expansion of digital education platforms and content. 
  • Development of a higher education e-assessment system. 

UNESCO also supports refugee students who have fled Ukraine. In Poland, UNESCO is engaging with the Education Working Group to support the Ministry of Education in strengthening the national education system. In Moldova, UNESCO will support the project "Creating an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova". 

UNESCO conducted a comprehensive mapping on the integration policies by hosting countries for Ukrainian children and youth. This is being rapidly expanded to cover countries beyond Europe, as well as to analyze the provision of higher education learning opportunities for both Ukrainian and international students outside of Europe. 

Mapping host country support to Ukrainian students

The successful mobilization of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition is crucial for the provision of concrete support to Ukrainian education community. With more than 30 partners engaged, Ukrainian teachers and students may have access to software, equipment, education contents in Ukrainian language, and education platforms providing dedicated support for them.  

In cooperation with the Global Digital Library, UNHCR, NORAD, the World Bank and Curious Learning, UNESCO launched the “Translate a Story Ukraine campaign” to make storybooks available in Ukrainian language. Over 110 people have registered to become volunteer translators or proofreaders.  

To date, UNESCO is still actively mobilizing resources to support the education sector of Ukraine. 

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