ESD for 2030 Global Network

ESD Network
Last update: 16 September 2022

With the deadline Education 2030 Agenda approaching, it is crucial to accelerate the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development to deliver all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To support Member States in implementing the UNESCO Framework for the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) beyond 2019 and its Roadmap, and to follow up on the Berlin Declaration on Education to Sustainable Development (May 2021), UNESCO is establishing the new ESD for 2030 Global Network.  

Building upon UNESCO’s worldwide community of practice on ESD which was forged out of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in 2005, the Network aims to create synergy among members and foster cross-sectoral collaboration to support the implementation of ESD nationally, regionally, and globally.  

The platform provides opportunities for exchange and collaboration among education authorities and professionals, youth, researchers, etc. through activities structured around the following objectives: 

  • Promising practices, knowledge-sharing and mutual learning 
  • Global advocacy and policy-making 
  • Collaboration and partnerships 
  • Monitoring and evaluation 

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ESD Net - Promising practices

Pillar 1: Promising practices, knowledge sharing & mutual learning

Knowledge sharing & mutual learning will generate new knowledge and understanding on latest issues and trends and provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities of ESD for 2030.

ESD Net - Advocacy and policy-making

Pillar 2: Global advocacy & policymaking

ESD Net - Collaboration

Pillar 3: Collaboration & partnerships

Collaboration will facilitate dialogue, partnership and collaboration and put in place collaborative projects and activities among partners.

  • Find partners to collaborate with - Join our interactive community of practice on LinkedIn
ESD Net - Monitoring

Pillar 4: Monitoring and evaluation

  • Progress of Country Initiatives - Monitoring and evaluating reports on the progress made by Member States at the country level on their commitment to ESD for 2030