Last update: April 21, 2022


Governing Bodies Secretariat (GBS)

  • Sachin Bhatt, Director GBS
  • Sandrine Garcia, Secretarial Assistant

Secretariat of the Executive Board (GBS/SCX)

  • Sachin Bhatt, Secretary of the Executive Board
  • Susana Sam-Vargas, Deputy Secretary of the Executive Board
  • Manh Ha Tran, Special Assistant to the Chairperson of the Executive Board (detached)
  • Victoria Moorhead, Executive Assistant to the Chairperson of the Executive Board
  • Inés Mens, Chief Documentalist
  • Sandra Gallet, Conference Assistant
  • Bakary Konate, Junior Conference Assistant


Administrative support - BFM PLATFORM AO 1 (servicing GBS - HRM - CPE - DBS)

  • Marc Antoine Demay, Administrative Officer

The Director General shall place at the disposal of the Board a staff member who shall act as Secretary of the Board.

The Secretary of the Executive Board:

  • assists the Chairperson
  • prepares all meetings of the Board and its organs
  • attends all meetings
  • records the decisions
  • supervises the preparation of summary records
  • supervises the translation of documents and summary records
  • supervises the distribution of documents to Members of the Executive Board
  • carries out all tasks entrusted to him/her by the Chairperson of the Board
  • establishes and keeps up to date the archives of the Executive Board
  • prepares the publication of the EXB decisions.

(Ex. Board, Rules of Proc., rule 20)

Telephone: +33 1 45 68 10 00

E-mail: EXB-Secretariat(at)