Legal Committee

41st Session of the General Conference
The Legal Committee met from 12 p.m. on Tuesday 9 November until 6 p.m. on Friday 12 November 2021. The first meeting was held on Tuesday 9 November, at 12 noon in Room IX.    

The Legal Committee (Rules 34 and 35 of the Rules of Procedure) submits its reports either directly to the General Conference or to the organ from which the matter has been referred or which has been designated by the General Conference. The Committee also acts as the Credentials Committee, examining the credentials of delegations and reporting to the Conference.

 The legal aspects of certain issues discussed under other agenda items may also be considered by the Legal Committee.

Items of the agenda:

  • 4.1       Consideration and adoption of the Draft Programme and Budget for 2022-2025 (41 C/5)
  • 5.5       Revised Statutes of the International Bureau of Education (IBE) (Document 41 C/19)
  • 5.12     Revision of the Terms of Reference of the Oversight Advisory Committee (OAC) (Document 41 C/21)
  • 5.11     Revision of the Statutes of the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) (Document 41 C/25)
  • 6.2       Follow-up to 39 C/Resolution 87 and prospects for UNESCO’s conventions in the field of culture (Document 41 C/55)
  • 7.1       Administrative Tribunal: extension of its period of jurisdiction
  • 7.2       Draft amendment to Article V of the Constitution
  • 9.1       Summary of the reports received from Member States on the measures taken to implement the 1960 Convention and Recommendation against Discrimination in Education
  • 9.2       Consolidated report on the implementation by Member States of the 1974 Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding Cooperation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
  • 9.3       Consolidated report on implementation of the 1978 revised recommendation concerning the International Standardization of Educational Statistics
  • 9.4       Consolidated report on the implementation of the 2017 Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers
  • 11.1     Staff Regulations and Staff Rules (Document 41 C/43)

Summary of Debates