Metallogenic prediction, sustainable development and integrated utilization of mineral resources in the Tethys metallogenic domain

IGCP project 741
Last update: 22 September 2022

Mineral resources are the foundation of global economic and social development, and they are critical to the wellbeing of people in developing countries. Thus, the international community pays particular attention to the development of mineral resources on large mineral metallogenic belts. The Tethys is one of the world’s three most important mineral domains and represents an ideal region for studying the metallogenesis and sustainable mineral resource development.

To enhance the sustainable development of both mineral resources and regional economy, this project has three main objectives over five years, including

  • reconstructing the metallogenic framework in the Tethys domain by delineating the prospecting areas of critical mineral resources using the nonlinear prospecting theory,
  • continuously improving the integrated utilization rates of mineral resources, gradually get rid of the low-level, inefficiency, higher wastage, and tackling the ecological and environmental issues, and
  • helping developing countries of the Tethys domain to update national mineral policy in order to meet the requirements of sustainable development and globalized market, and to enhance the societal acceptance of mineral development.

The leaders and members of this project come from different countries in the Tethys domain, with a focus on developing countries and gender equality.