Acting as a laboratory of ideas

Last update: 22 September 2022
The Thinker holding a newspaper

IPDC ignites conversations  and explores potential solutions to the emerging challenges of today's media. In that regard, financial sustainability of the media sector is high on its agenda.

It is inspired by the 2021 Windhoek+30 Declaration, adopted at the 41st General conference of UNESCO in November 2021. The Declaration is a call to guarantee information as a public good serving the whole of humanity.

UNESCO is working to build back a stronger media system - one that has strong economic foundations, enabling technological innovations, diverse productions, and that speaks to all audiences in their preferred languages.

The UNESCO Media Viability initiative led by the IPDC encompasses a wide range of actions, ranging from qualitative and quantitative data collection efforts to policy recommendations aimed at tackling the existential crisis facing independent journalism.

Among the other tools developed by the IPDC,  the Internet Universality Indicators  assess the environment and ecosystem in which media may flourish, producing  evidence-based resources for national policy reform. Focusing on media growth conditions is central to improve the governance of Internet platforms.