Championing local media development projects

Last update: 22 September 2022

Every year, the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) supports an extensive range of projects advancing local media development, training, research and dialogue in developing countries, countries in transition, and countries in conflict and post-conflict situations worldwide.  

We encourage local media organizations to present projects seeking to expand opportunities for free, independent and pluralistic media.

Every year, a call for proposals is issued the end of December. The proposals are selected in line with UNESCO’s strategic programmatic approach in each country. Ideally, they are also based on the development needs identified by research using the IPDC endorsed Indicators and resources.

Projects must present a clear objective contributing to at least one of the IPDC’s main priorities.

Media organizations such as press, radio and television, media training
institutes, professional journalists' organizations, media development agencies, and community media organizations are eligible our ideal candidates. We prioritize media projects with the potential to serve as innovative pilots and pay particular attention to proposals from least developed, landlocked and small island countries, as well as those in conflict or post-conflict situations.

IPDC Project Cycle

IPDC Project Cycle