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Mobilization on every level—local, national, regional, and global—is needed to adequately secure a healthy environment for the growth of free and independent media and ultimately ensure that information remains a public good.

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Last update: 28 September 2022

List of IPDC donors since 2020



IPDC carries out its mandate through the funding and implementation of media development projects which are approved annually by the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Council.

The IPDC Special Account is a common funding pool, which enables the Programme to ensure a global approach to media development. Since 1980, more than 65 countries have contributed to the IPDC activities through this account.

In 2021, the IPDC welcomed its first private donors. 

A contribution to the IPDC Special Account, whatever its size, is statement in favor of multilateralism and a free, independent and pluralistic press.

In some cases, the IPDC Bureau may also decide to associate with Funds-in-Trust (FIT) agreements that are made with UNESCO, in cases where these agreements are aligned to IPDC’s multi-lateral purpose and character.

Our unique strengths in reaching intergovernmental consensus about media development are unmatched. However, the impressive achievements of the IPDC Programme would not be possible without the support of the IPDC donors.
Ambassador Anna Brandt Chairperson of the IPDC

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As an extrabudgetary Programme with an annual grants-making mechanism, IPDC is dependent on the availability and predictability of its incoming funds. To identify and support on merit the most deserving grassroots projects, the Programme need staunch supporters. 

The IPDC has been often praised for its ability to reach smaller stakeholders often outside of traditional donors’ strategic scope - due to their relative small size, geographical remoteness, or difficulty to make it on an international agenda dominated by different international crises. 

Let us remember that small projects can catalyze big ideas and worldwide action. No contribution is too small, so join us on a journey to ensure that information is a public good for all of humanity.