MONDIACULT 2022 | Side Events

MONDIACULT 2022 | Looking back at +100 side events

In the run-up to the UNESCO – MONDIACULT 2022, UNESCO has mobilized a wide range of actors of the cultural and creative sectors, from Member States to intergovernmental organizations, academia, including UNESCO Chairs, civil society organizations and other partners. In this line, from 16 March to 9 May 2022, the Organization invited interested stakeholders to organize side events in the framework of the Conference to highlight diverse perspectives on the role of culture for sustainable development, including its cross-cutting impact on the broad spectrum of public policy, from education to climate action, sustainable cities, the creative economy and the digital transformation. Discover on this page all you need to know about the side events held in the main venue of the Conference, Los Pinos, and the side events organized online prior to the Conference, including under the #RumboAMONDIACULT initiative. 

Side events held in the premises of the Conference on 28 and 29 September 2022

Impacts of culture and heritage on development: 30 years of experience of AECID


Promoting the creative economy and the restitution of cultural heritage for stronger regional integration

African Union Commission

Protecting our heritage to build peace | Exhibition


The economics of culture: Challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation


Responding to the climate emergency: New imperatives for cultural policy

Climate Heritage Network

From Policy to Practice: The role of culture in the 2030 Agenda and beyond

Culture 2030 Goal and the National Commission of Canada

Partnerships for inclusive and sustainable policies

European Commission

Accelerating Education-Culture Linkages through Collaboration


Culture as global public good: a human-centered agenda for cultural policies

Interagency Platform on Culture for Sustainable Development

Arts for dignity, justice and peace


Data collection and measurement of culture towards evidence-based policies

SIDA and the National Commission of the Philippines

Strengthening cultural policies to promote artistic freedom

The Governments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

Cities upfront for cultural rights

UCLG and World Cities Culture Forum

#RESILIART100 | Exhibition


Side Events | Online and side events in a mixed modality

MONDIACULT 2022 | Mixed side events
Foros Internacionales | Rumbo a #MONDIACULT2022
MONDIACULT 2022 | Online side events