Open Solutions

Open Solutions

Open Solutions, comprising Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Access to scientific information (OA), Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Data, have been recognized to support the free flow of information and knowledge, thereby informing responses to global challenges. UNESCO supports Member States in the implementation of the 2019 Recommendation on Open Educational Resources and promote the mainstreaming of OER practices into policies and strategies. UNESCO also supports the strengthening of data governance mechanisms to promote availability and accessibility of open data. This will contribute to the advancement of open science, notably within the framework of the 2021 Recommendation on Open Science. UNESCO supports Member States by strengthening their national capacities for open access to scientific information for enhanced scientific research, innovation and domestic research as a common good. Digital public goods are essential in unlocking the full potential of digital technologies and data to attain the Sustainable Development Goals. 



Celebrating software source code as digital heritage
Advocating for more OER-friendly copyright regulatory frameworks
UNESCO supports the launch a new version of the Global Open Access Portal (
Angola committed to enhance capacities for Open Access to scientific information

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Open Access to Scientific Information
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Guidelines for open educational resources (OER) in higher education
Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of open access
UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers