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UNESCO-Russia Mendeleev International Prize in the Basic Sciences

Basic sciences - chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology – allow us to understand natural phenomena and drive innovation. Investing in these disciplines is essential to create the tools we need to address global socio-economic and environmental challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, technology divide, water and energy crises.

The UNESCO-Russia Mendeleev International Prize in the Basic Sciences aims to raise awareness of the importance of these disciplines for peaceful and prosperous societies. It was created to foster scientific progress, science popularization and international cooperation.

The Prize is awarded annually to two scientists in recognition of their breakthrough discoveries, outstanding innovations and avid promotion of the basic sciences which have led to socio-economic transformation at global or regional scale.



IYPT 2019: the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements: Common Language for Science; global report 2019
IYPT Interunion International Management Committee

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