Communication and Information - Data, Facts and Figures

UNESCO provides the global community with reliable data, statistics and research in the fields of communication and information. This page is regularly updated with resources from UNESCO reports and monitoring tools.

Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists

judicial actors

from 150 countries trained on freedom of expression

Universal Access to Information

UN Member States

have adopted various Access to Information legal guarantees

UN Member States have adopted

constitutional, statutory and/or policy guarantees for public access to information.

Out of 42
countries that submitted their reviews

to the VNR process, 28 countries (67%) reported on ‘access to information’.

11 countries
adopted Access to Information laws

since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda

102 countries
participated in 2021

in the UNESCO Survey on SDG 16.10.2


are documented with approximately 7,000 still in use

About 1,400
languages enjoy legal recognition
Around 1,500
languages risk losing their users in the near future
Less than 2%
of languages in use

benefit from workable advanced technologies

Media and Digital Empowerment

Nearly 60%
of the world’s population is using the Internet.

Wide-scale and sustainable Media and Information Literacy training for all is still missing.

85 countries

Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2021.

24 countries
took steps to develop national policy and strategy

on media and information literacy.

youth organizations around the globe

trained to integrate media and information literacy in their policies and operations.

Documentary Heritage

Memory of the World inscriptions

on the International Register since 1995