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2023 GEM Report on technology and education

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The 2023 GEM Report consultation process

The GEM Report has opened a consultation process which aims to collect feedback and evidence on the proposed lines of research of the 2023 concept note from experts, teachers and policy-makers working in the field of technology and education. Feedback is being collected through an online consultation open to the general public and through regional and thematic events. The purpose of the consultation is to recommend evidence-based practical examples on :

  • the effects of implementing education technology interventions
  • the challenges of implementing education technology interventions
  • education technology policies based on national experiences
  • education technology financing based on national experiences

The team is also collecting feedback on areas of interest that GEM Report's PEER country profiles on technology could cover.

Consultation events

The consultations tend to be 90 minute long and include a presentation of the 2023 Concept Note by the GEM Report followed by a discussion with experts and policy-makers. The events can have a geographical or thematic focus and can be virtual or in-person. They can focus on one of the themes proposed in the concept note (e.g. access, equity and inclusion, quality, technological development, system management, infrastructure, governance and regulations and teachers). During the consultation process, the GEM Report will try to answer the following questions which will provide a comparative evidence-base from which to draw recommendations: