2022 South Asia Report on non-state actors in education dialogue hosted by the Centre for Civil Society

South Asia

2022 South Asia Report partner the Center for Civil Society will host a dialogue on the regional report. 

The event will bring together policymakers and experts on K-12 education to discuss how an effective regulatory framework for non-state actors can be evolved. It's aim is to build consensus on an approach that encourages accountability, without stifling non-state actors from providing affordable, accessible, and quality education.

The discussion will centre on challenges faced by budget private schools due to regulatory controls such as fee restrictions and minimum salary norms along with highlighting the delay in reimbursements under the Right to Education Act 2009 creating uncertainty of cash flow. 

Featured speakers:

1. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Economist and Professor at University College London
2. G N Var, President, Jammu and Kashmir Private School Association
3. Priyadarshani Joshi, Senior Project Officer, UNESCO
4. Lakshya Chhabaria, President, Affordable Private Schools' Association and Managing Director, SR Capital Group of Schools

Moderator: Prashant Narang, Senior Fellow, Centre for Civil Society

CCS launch event flyer