2023 GEM Report consultation on technology and education convened by the UNESCO-UNEVOC

ssa tvet

This consultation on the 2023 GEM Report, convened by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, will focus on issues related to the role of TVET in the promotion of technology development and the digitalization of TVET. It will look into the preparation of technicians for technology creation and adaptation, the role of TVET in the promotion of national technology development in different countries and regions and technology as a subject in the curriculum.

The consultation will be virtual and will last 90 minutes. It will include a presentation of the 2023 GEM Report concept note and of the work of UNESCO-UNEVOC, followed by a discussion with UNEVOC Network members who will be invited to share evidence and examples that may feed into the 2023 GEM Report. A short output report summarizing the key contributions that may inform the development of the 2023 GEM Report will be published after the event.  

Guiding questions:

  1. Is there a clear plan in your country and/or institution to link TVET systems with local/national technological development?
  2. Are curricula updated at national, sectoral, occupational levels to ensure this link to technological development? If so, how often does this process occur?
  3. Are there specific targets to provide support for preparing and improving the digital skills of the workforce generally or within sectors (specifically health, energy and/or agriculture)?

This is a closed consultation for GEM Report researchers and UNESCO-UNEVOC members.