Consultation on access, equity, and inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa convened by the Global Online Learning Alliance


The GEM Report and the Global Online Learning Alliance (GOLA) are convening a virtual consultation with African officials on the 2023 GEM report on technology and education. This second virtual meeting with African officials will address how education technology can ensure equity, access and inclusion and can offer education systems the tools to overcome longstanding inequalities. It will also explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed concerns over a deepening digital divide.

The second consultation of the 2023 GEM Report in Sub-Saharan Africa is supported by the Education Development Trust. 


  • Hon Gaspard Twagirayezu, Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education, Rwanda
  • Benjamin Gyasi, Chief Director, Ministry of Education, Ghana
  • Gabriel Mhumha, Chief Director for Curriculum Development and Technical Services, Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education, Zimbabwe
  • Manos Antoninis, Director, UNESCO GEM Report
  • Richard King, Director of sub-Saharan Africa, Education Development Trust