Consultation on assistive technologies convened by Light for the World

Children learning

The GEM Report and Light for the World are convening a closed consultation event with experts and users of assistive technologies to collect evidence and examples for the 2023 GEM Report on technology and education. The consultation will focus on the role of assistive technologies in promoting access to education. It will look at how can accessible and assistive technologies can benefit students with disabilities by making academic content accessible, available, and interactive for learning while at the same time exploring international standards, funding schemes, procurement practices and governance of assistive technologies. 

The consultation will be virtual and will last 2 hours. It will include a presentation of the 2023 GEM Report concept note and of the potential for the use of assistive technologies followed by a discussion with experts and users of assistive technologies who will be invited to share evidence and examples that may feed into the 2023 GEM Report. The event will be moderated by Ms Nafisa Baboo, Thematic Director, Inclusive Education at Light for the World.