Launch of the concept note of the 2023 GEM Report on technology and education

2023 gem report

This interactive symposium will feature a short overview of the rationale and framework for the 2023 GEM Report, before giving the floor to three technology and education specialists to share brief insights from a range of education responses during COVID-19, and how these lessons can inform the planning of technology-enabled inclusive and resilient learning systems for the future.

The remainder of the session will open an interactive discussion with the audience on the 2023 GEM Report Concept Note. 


  • Manos Antoninis, Director, Global Education Monitoring Report
  • Verna Lalberharie, Executive Director, EdTub Hub
  • Paul Landers, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Connect To Learn, Ericsson
  • Freda Wolfenden, Professor of Education and International Development, The Open University

For more details on the Conference and to register for the session visit the 2021 UKFIET Conference site. Participation is open to conference attendees