3. All learners should have access to schools that are connected to the internet

The Transforming Education Summit aims to mobilize ambition, action, solutions, and solidarity everywhere to revitalize national and global efforts to achieve our global education goal, SDG-4

But words are not enough. Aspirational statements must be turned into concrete commitments that can be monitored. The world’s children and youth demand this of us. 

The arrival of COVID-19 made the education crisis more acute, making a discussion on digital transformations critical. While digital connectivity helped mitigate the devastating impact of school closures due to Covid-19, a sharp digital divide that already existed between the haves and have nots was exacerbated. Connectivity and technological innovations are 21st century tools for 21st century learning yet around two thirds of the world’s school-age children have no internet access at home.  

The proposal:

Working with the ITU, a movement is growing to build an accountability mechanism around the commitments being made around Action Track 4 that is aligned with the global education goal, SDG 4. The proposal is to turn the commitments into a transformative indicator focusing on the need for learners to have access to schools that are connected to the internet.  

Over the past year, over 90% of countries have set national benchmarks committing to the progress they believe they can achieve in education by 2025 and 2030. We should monitor commitments made on the connectivity of schools in the same way. 

These benchmarks will help drive greater ambition and provide critical accountability for the commitments set during the Transforming Education Summit.  


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  • Digital access is the pathway to quality education and skills for employability. We could monitor countries’ commitments made at the #TransformingEducation Summit by helping them set #SDG4 benchmarks on their promises and measure school connectivity.   
  • We need to #TransformEducation and make space for 21st century learning. But statements aren't enough to #TransformEducation. Commitments to improve school wellbeing should be turned into measurements of school connectivity.  
  • Join the movement to hold countries to account for their commitments to #TransformEducation by turning them into indicators that can be measured in the future. We should measure the % of schools that are connected to the internet.
Find out about the way benchmarks could be set for the statements being made for other Action Tracks feeding into the Transforming Education Summit.

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