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A call to action: Following up on the transformative commitments made at the Summit

The Transforming Education Summit aims to mobilize solutions to accelerate national and global efforts to achieve SDG4, our common education goal. New Global Initiatives will focus on such solutions to transform education.

To ensure accountability, Commitments to Action, related to the Global Initiatives, must be monitored and followed up. 

A Call to Action for the follow up of TES commitments builds on the national SDG4 benchmarking process, by calling on countries to:

  • Agree to set a small number of indicators, linked to the Global Initiatives, which will be added to the list of SDG 4 benchmark indicators.
  • Set national targets for these indicators for 2025 and 2030. Progress towards them will be reviewed on an annual basis.

This mechanism will be led by the SDG 4 High-level Steering Committee and coordinated jointly by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the GEM Report.

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