2019 youth report cover

2019 - Migration, displacement and education: building bridges, not walls

This Youth Report tells the stories of people as they move around the world in pursuit of their education, work or security and of those tasked with helping refugees and migrants re-enter and feel included in school.

It is designed to tell the real stories behind the recommendations and messages in the 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report, Migration, displacement and education: Building bridges, not walls. It brings to life a series of recommendations and calls on youth and teachers to share and discuss the stories, to use them in campaigns and as a teaching tool in class.

Read the voices of teachers coping with overcrowding in refugee camps in Kenya and teachers helping Rohingya, Syrian and Palestinian refugees cope with trauma. Hear the stories of an asylum seeker looking to continue his studies, second-generation immigrants still feeling excluded and students benefitting from scholarships to study abroad.