We Are Humanity

The Jarawas are the last descendants of the first humans.
Somewhere on this planet, there still exists a secret place isolated from the rest of the world. The last untouched paradise, where the first humans still live in the same way as in the beginning of humankind. They are the Jarawas.
Director Alexandre Dereims whose documentaries have received numerous awards (international prize of the Red Cross, Albert London prize, Golden Nymph of Monaco) gives the floor to this people in danger while launching a petition to give the islands where they survive the status of sanctuaries in his most recent film:
We Are Humanity / Nous sommes l'Humanité (2017). 
On the Andamas Islands, off India, in a place isolated from the rest of the world, the Jarawas still live as at the beginning of humanity. Having come from Africa 70,000 years ago, there are only 400 left and their way of life is threatened by the Indian settlers who want to transform their territory by exploiting the forests and by transforming these islands into tourist paradise.
They are the ancestors of the Asian people and the American natives. Today, there is only a population of 400 people left.

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Alexandre Dereims