Communication and cultures

Miguel Peyró is a Ph.D. in Linguistics (University of Seville) and he is interested in the study of intercultural contact from a semiotic / communicative perspective. His blog reflects his interests and viewpoints about intercultural communication. In his articles, he analyzes intercultural "misunderstandings" and "shocks" as basic communicative failures, that is to say mismatches in any or all elements of communicative process, more than as general problems of "empathy" with the Others. 

Empathy is indeed a crucial issue of the process of intercultural contact, but he also tries to analyze it from a semiotic perspective (using the linguistic concept of 'acceptability'). 

Miguel Peyró's ultimate aim is to explain that communication in diversity is perfectly possible without the participants in this process must give up in any way their own cultural worldviews. 

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Miguel Peyrò