Contributing to community reconciliation and peace building through the recovery of the living environment and rehabilitation of the city’s heritage sites. The most emblematic project being the reconstruction of the famous Al-Nouri Mosque and its minaret, Al-Hadba.

  • The rehabilitation of the Al Nouri Mosque and the Al-Hadba minaret, Al Saa’a Church and Al Tahera Church – With the support of the United Arab Emirates ($50.4 million), UNESCO embarked on a major project to rehabilitate landmark cultural and religious sites. This project is underway in cooperation with the Iraqi Government and people.
  • The reconstruction of houses and schools in the Old City of Mosul and Basra - with the support of the European Union ($38.5  Million), UNESCO set out on a mission for urban rehabilitation as part of its larger project to rehabilitate Mosul’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Restoring the identities within the communities of Mosul contributes to reconciliation and promotes more just, peaceful and inclusive societies.
Al-Hadba minaret
Al Aghwat Mosque
Al-Nouri Mosque
Al-Saa'a Church
Al-Tahera Church
Heritage houses