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Welcome to the Unesco web platform ressource center

Reinventing the web presence

Over the last 25 years, UNESCO had only 4 major redesigns with a last upgrade in 2012. 9 years later, it's time to move forward and to adopt a news CMS, a new design system and of course, new contents.

To do so, the Web team discussed with a large panel of users both internally and externally to imagine something that could be relevant for the next years. Our main concern in this website is to show the main assets of this project with a complete ressource center, exemples, manuals, best practices and of course, a way to contact us and start together your digital presence! 

We hope you enjoy it and look forward for your feedbacks!


Check out our example pages

The web platform comes with a various set of pages designed to be used for different purpose. Take a look at our main pages to find out what you can do!
Landing pages

Landing pages are here to present main topics

Static pages

Static pages are used for cold content


The article page is used mostly to present news, etc.


Hubs are like small sites with navigation inside

Check out our Guidelines

Take a look at our thematic Guidelines
General web guidelines

General information about the new Digital Ecosystem

Design Guidelines

Design System and its components

Editorial Guidelines

Take a look on editorial best practices

Media Resources

Resources for finding images and how to insert them

SEO Guidelines

SEO best practices

Web Analytics

Track statistics with Google Analytics

Check out the User Manual

We have created a User manual to help you create your pages
In a nutshell

Basics about creating and managing contents


Basics of creating and managing Navigation Menu

Content types

Basics of creating and managing Content types

Tags & Keywords

Basics of creating and managing Tags and Keywords

Meta & Configuration

Basics of creating and managing Meta and Configuration

User types & rights

Basics of creating and managing user types and rights


Basics of creating and managing forms

Paragraph for landing pages

All example paragraphs

Paragraph for articles

All example paragraphs

help hand

Do you need help ?

Don't hesitate to contact us for any technical issue or just some advice to create great contents

be creative