In this article, you will learn the basics of creating and managing Navigation Menu in the UNESCO Content Management System. For any complementary confirmation, please refer to the sub pages and best practices.

Here are some overviews of Unesco's navigation menus

The mega menu with mosaic of images :

Navigation image

The setting of the menu for a mosaic display :

From the submenu item configuration tab, just select an image and the mega menu is automatically formatted.

Main menu creat tab mosaic

The horizontal menu in image :

Main menu mosaic 2

Menu configuration for horizontal/vertical mosaic display :

For a horizontal or vertical display, the principle is to select the desired configuration through the fold-out menu "Display".
To load the image, the process is similar to the previous manipulation.

Main menu horizontal

The full page navigation menu :

Navigation 2 levels

The setup of a HUB navigation menu into the main navigation :

double navigation menu

Management of the navigation menus from the settings panel

The management and creation of a navigation menu can be done in 2 ways from the banner. You can add new menus, sub menus, as well as delete them according to your needs.

The first method is done in 4 steps :

  1.  In the banner, click on "Manage" to unfold a sub menu.
  2.  In this sub-menu, move the mouse over on  the "Structure" heading to unfold another sub menu.
  3.  Then, move the mouse over on the "Menu" heading.
  4.  Finally, click on the heading "Main navigation" in order to access the settings page. 


Main menu 1

The second method is to go directly to the menu page :

  1.  From the banner, click on "Manage" to unfold a sub menu.
  2.  In this menu, click on "Structure".
  3.  In this page, click on the "Menu" heading.
  4.  Then, on the "Main navigation" heading, click on the "Translate" arrow to unfold the drop-down menu.
  5.  Finally, click on "List links" to access the settings page. 
Main menu 2

How to create and delete navigation menu ?

The contribution of menus and sub menus is managed in an intuitive way. We can see a hierarchy of menus in the form of main menu (mother) and sub menus (daughter). 

The management of the order is simple, you just have to make a drag and drop in order to move the element or to completely integrate it in another menu.

The presence of a checkbox "Enable" allows to control its display in the navigation menu bar.

  1.  The button to add a menu tab
  2.  The level 1 menu (parent menu)
  3.  The level 2 sub menu (daughter menu)
Main menu edit

How to set up a menu tab ?

The creation of a tab requires to define a title and some parameters. 
The configuration of a main menu (mother) or sub menu (daughter) is done in the same way. It is possible to define in their role of attachment during the creation.

The following fields are mandatory to generate the creation of the tab :

  1.  Title
  2.  Menu link title
  3.  Parent link
Main menu creat tab