Example pages

Let's explore different examples of pages in the Unesco Web platform and find out what type of page you are looking for.

Hub example

Hubs are like small websites inside Unesco.org website. Hubs comes with a complete set of content types such as landing pages, static pages, ressource pages but also with a dedicated header and footer. This let you organise your contents inside a navigation where your user can explore and stay in the local area. 

hub example

Article page example

The article page is used mostly to present news, events, press release, publications, stories and videos. It is designed to ease up navigation and reading for visitors.

article rich text example

Landing page example

The landing page is used for main topics as a sub-homepage. The goal of the landing page is to present contents and let the visitor click to know more about something through call to actions, cards and links

landing page example

Static Page example

Static pages are used for what we call "cold content" as it's relevant for a long time and needs to be well structured. It can be to present organisation, team members and a lot more pages like that

static page example

Resources Pages

Resources pages are pages that contain lists of media. 

resources page example