Paragraph for landing pages

Let's explore different examples of paragraphs from the Unesco web platform that you can use in your landing pages.

List of paragraphs

Here is the complete list of all the paragraphs.

example add paragraph for landing page


The paragraph "Text" is a paragraph containing only text. 

You can write short or rich text.

example text paragraph landing page

Text & Media

The paragraph "Text & Media" is a parapgraph where you can write a short text and add a media type (image/illustration). 

By default, the text is on the left and the image on the right. You can change this default behaviour in the "More Options" section, and then select your "Text position".

Only for Landing Page and Hub.

example text & media paragraph landing page


The paragraph "Media" is a paragraph containing only image. You can add 1 or more images. 

The image is full width.

You must provide a title, for each image, but the text is optional. 

If you add several images you wil have a carousel of images.

example media paragraph landing page


The paragraph "Accordion" is a paragraph where you write some text and then to visualize the text, you must click on the button "Read more". 

It's a click and deploy system.

example accordion paragraph landing page


The paragraph "Cards"  is a combination of an entity reference field and a view mode.

You can add a list of 1 to 20 cards.

The following cards are allowed :

  • Call To Action Card
  • Key figure card
  • People card
  • Text card

The image style can be :

  • Rounded
  • Rectangular
  • Background
example call to action cards paragraph landing page


The paragraph "Quote" is a quotation paragraph. 

You can add the author's name and his function.

By default the quote position is on the left and there is no background color.

You can change the default behaviour.

example malcom X quotation landing page

Content list - Grid

With the paragraph "Content list -Grid" you can add a list as a grid, with or without image linked to the text. 

The content of the list is linked to an existing page of the current website.

You must choose the type of display : 

  • Grid
  • Grid Big First
  • Nomal
  • Short
example content list -grid landing page

Call to Action

The Call to Action is a clickable visual element that redirects your visitor to another page, an article, etc.

You must imperatively enter the redirect URL.

You can add an introduction text that explain where the visitor will be redirected.

example call to action paragraph landing page

Content list - Search results

Add a list of search results in your page.

content list - search results


"Events" paragraph allows you to display the events you have in your database on the website.

Waiting for screenshot.

Single file (Unescdoc)

With the paragraph "Single file (Unescdoc)" you can add a link to an official report document from

example single file (unescdoc)

Multiples files (Unescdoc)

With the paragraph "Multiples files (Unescdoc)" you can add several links to the official report documents of

example multiples files (unescdoc)

Logos grid

The paragraph "Logos grid" allows you to present all the logos of your partners, other foundations, companies, etc., in a grid.

example logo grid paragraph landing page


With the paragraph "Contacts" you can make a list of your contacts in your database.

It's a list, with round images or round icons without names.

example contacts paragraph landing page


Parallax scrolling is a technique in computer graphics where background images move past the camera more slowly than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene of distance.

You can use parallax to divide 2 sections with an image.

example parallax paragraph landing page


The paragraph "FAQ" is a paragraph of questions and answers.

You can add a title with an introduction text (optional).

You can add 1 or more questions and answers.

example faq paragraph landing page

Key figures

The paragraph "Key figures" is a paragraph of text, where you can highlight key figures.

example key figures paragraph landing page

Data Table

The paragraph "Data Table" allows you to add a table to your landing page.

example data table paragraph landing page

Image map

The paragraph "Image Map" allows you to add points to an image, a map, an illustration, etc.

You must add new points and then specify the positions X and Y.

example image map paragraph landing page


In progress, waiting for screenshot.


The "Iframe" paragraph allows you to add an emebbed media like a Youtube video.

Copy and paste your link iframe, that'all.

example iframe youtube


The "Webform" paragraph allows you to build any type of form to collect any type of data, which can be submitted to any application or system.

In progress, waiting for screenshot.