Simplify the management of all Websites !
A new homogenous digital Ecosystem for Unesco : the Webfactory

The project

Over the last 25 years only 4 major redesigns.

The idea of this project was to modernize and to homogenise all the websites from a technical and ergonomic point of view.

In a nutshell, the idea was to redesign the user experience to carry Unesco through the services provided, the values and the image you wish to convey. 

We had to find a way to centralise everything, to find a practical tool to use and maintain. It was also necessary to find a common universe for Unesco, whatever the sector and field.

However, as the entry point for Unesco's content and data, we wanted this ecosystem to be connected to the existing one and to work hand in hand with the main assets :

  • Unescdoc
  • Jobs
  • CRM
  • TermStore
  • Searc Engine
  • Archives
  • Etc.

This is how the Webfactory was created.
You can create a Hub, a Campaign website or an Initiative website, or whatever you want.

Customer-centric approach

A lot of the questions we had could not be answered on our own so we decided to ask directly to all the digital community : Unesco men and women who work daily on the websites.

So we worked on a customer-centric approach.

What is customer-centric organization ?

A customer-centric organization focuses on the customer’s needs, preferences, and values to provide an outstanding customer experience.

At the core of customer-centricity is listening to customers, understanding them and what they want. This means actively soliciting feedback, and then acting on that feedback, to continually improve their experience.

This work let us have a vision of the actual visitors of the website and have a better understanding on why they come, what they seek and how they react.

customer centric

Challenges & Ambitions

At that point, we listed our ambitions : to create something that reflected what Unesco should be in the digital world, in our way.
Customer centric

Create contents that reflects what our audience want and hear their voice in our digital ecosystem


Imagine a Green and sustainable ecosystem to drive the Unesco contents online


Make it simple, fast, easy to maintain and efficient in delivering content all over the world


Imagine an ecosystem that can adapt through time and ambitions for the future

Design System for Digital

In order to be able to provide to our visitors the clearest experience across Unesco universe, we created a Design System that will be the guideline for all Digital platforms in the future :

  • Simple
  • Clear
  • Adaptative
  • Atomic
  • Open to other platforms
design system example

What exactly to expect ?

New features concerning navigation, articles, content, templates, tags and keyword

Clear and global navigation system to ease up our visitors journey


Simplified articles with minimalist interface to focus on what’s important : Unesco content and contribution

Blocks & content

Each pages of the ecosystem will be composed of blocks that contributors can choose based on what they want to present


To ease up navigation and structure Unesco themes, templates will be created and integrate informations about each theme and highlight contents based on tagging

Global search

A search engine capable of browsing every website of the Unesco Ecosystem and find relevant information on everything

Tags & Keywords

Main landing pages, sections, universes pages and so will have automatic listing of latest articles based on tagging. So the more you tag your content, the more places it will be visible on !