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In this section, you'll find out our offer and organisation for showcasing your contents and initiatives within the UNESCO ecosystem. To find out more, don't hesitate to contact us in our "Contact" section

Our offer in a nutshell

Our main offer focus on creating contents, hubs or websites within the UNESCO ecosystem. Depending on your needs, planning and budget, we can offer various range of assets for you to showcase your contents.

Showcase your pages, articles and events in


Hubs are sub-websites within used to showcase a universe or initiative


Websites will be the solution for institutes, initiatives, main reports and much more


Showcase structured datas around lists, maps and more

The process

Any division inside UNESCO can contribute in the website or request a website for the online promotion of its initiative.
To help you through the process, we suggest a 5 step approach to be treated as a project between your team and our support team:

  1. Discovery: Meetings and material to understand your needs and present to you our offer
  2. Conception: A stage where we can together picture what your website will look like with what contents
  3. Creation: In this stage, we will create your website and initialize sections and contents
  4. Contribution: You will be trained to use the CMS and be invited to contribute to your contents
  5. Launch & Follow: Finally, your website will be launched with dashboard so you can monitor it 

On each steps, our team can help you with a various range of support assets and additional services if needed. Our helpdesk team will also be available to rescue if needed :-)

Planning insights

Planning really depends on your level of engagement and especially the current status of your contents but we will be able to work with you on a projective planning as soon as we have a better understanding of your needs.

In order to give you some overview of average timeframe, here are some planning insights:

  • 1 week: We can share together and onboard your team to create contents within
  • 2 weeks: You can have a section or a hub for you to populate with contents 
  • 3 to 4 weeks: You can have your own website with initial contents and sections 

From these initial time range, you will be empowered with contribution rights wthin your hub or website so you can edit and make your website evolve on your own without any restriction from us.



Those additionnal services can be requested in the conception stage to help you creating your assets and showcasing in the UNESCO ecosystem by our team.

Requirements drafting/consultingHelping you through conception1000 - 5000€
Dedicated training sessionTraining for your team 500€
Webmastering Contributing to the CMS for you500 - 10000€
Content migrationMigrating initial contents1000 - 10000€
Data collection creationCreating an organised data collection1000 - 5000€
UX/UI CreationHelping you in design and ergonomy500 - 2000€
SEO ConsultingEnhancing your digital presence in SEO500 - 2000€
Photo manipulation Enhancing your visuals200 - 1000€
DatavizualisationsCreating dataviz for your contents200 - 1000€
New template or blockCreating dedicated template or content bloc in the platform1000 - 10000€
TranslationHelping you translate contents with our translate agency500 - 3000€
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