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Become a partner

No international organization, no government, no private actor alone can take on complex challenges we are facing today. We need collective intelligence. We need to share knowledge. We need to act together for our shared humanity.

Ways of partnering with UNESCO

Programme delivery ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Acting as specialized partners in the implementation of UNESCO's programmes by providing their unique added value, often contributing in cash or in kind.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships

Bringing together governments, international organisations, NGOs, civil society and private sector leaders to achieve common goals through strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships and coalitions.

Partnerships over time

UNESCO National Commissions
Public Partners
Business, cities, young people
NGOs and Foundations
Goodwill Ambassadors
UNESCO category 2 Institutes and Centres
Association and Clubs for UNESCO - volunteering groups
UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme
UNEVOC Network
UNESCO associated Schools Network

UNESCO Tools & Guidelines

Comprehensive partnership strategy
13 September 2019
Embrace UNESCO's ideals and values
Working with UNESCO: guidebook for members of UNESCO’s international and intergovernmental bodies

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