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Captives (2nd movement)

Langue : Français

Blend of dance, movement and imagery expressed through balletic computer animation.

Like reversed Antigones, they follow their circular route from the West to the East. They are unique or multiple and you won't divert them, hardly get a chance to meet their eye, never reach them.
Their battles are inner ones and yet they'll throw them in your face. They know their way; no one else can see their horizon.

sur ce thème: Captives, 2nd movement (n+n corsino)

Sujets et mots clés
Lieux/région: Europe
Type: Performing arts
Production et personalités:
Director/conductor: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
Performer: Nicole Corsino, Ana Teixido, Carme Vidal, Patrick Zanoli
Publisher: Danse 34, Production; C.I.C.V. Pierre Schaeffer
Producer: Catherine Derosier
Sponsor: Canal +; Centre national de la cinematographie, France

   LICENCE: les demandes d'autorisation de reutiliser ce matériel ou de copies sur CD/DVD, doivent s'adresser directement au réalisateur ou au producteur. Des informations suplémentaires sur : FAQs 6-9 (en anglais)

Original: Beta SP
Emplacement: F-H.129
Référence UMAS: AUD-DIT/ISS/ARC/0097
Détenteur des droits: N+N Corsino
Info. complémentaire: By permission of C.I.C.V. Pierre Schaeffer